Scadoxus page

J.E. Shields
Sun, 25 Aug 2002 14:12:10 PDT
Hi all,

I've set up a page for the genus Scadoxus in my bulbs web site.  The URL =…

I'd appreciate your taking a look at it and calling to my attention any 
factual errors.  Note that the cultural notes are for growing in my climate 
here in central Indiana -- winter in the cool greenhouse, summer outdoors 
in the lath house.

Anyone who could give me some information on Scadoxus cyrtanthiflorus, S. 
pole-evansii, or any other species in this genus not on my list is begged 
to do so.

Strictly speaking, what is the correct term for the swollen structure from 
which the roots and leaves of Scadoxus are 
produced  --  Corm?  Tuber?  Bulb?  What?

Thanks much!
Jim Shields
in central Indiana

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