Raised bed questions

Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Sat, 17 Aug 2002 05:43:11 PDT
How about planting your more invasive bulbs in plastic aquatic plant 
containers. They come in various shapes and sizes, I have tried it and
it works, the only slight problem is irrigation as these containers can dry 
reasonably rapidly, so beware

Mary Sue,
 I use plastic baskets (the same size of pots) which are sunk into the
raised beds.  However, now  the nursery is invaded by  mice (mole,
voles)  I wrap up these baskets in wire netting, or plant the bulbs in 
wire cages 100cm by 10 wide 15cm high. Bulbs are well protected, grown
well and are easily to be recovered if necessary.  Only stolon forming
species partly escape, but it is a minorproblem.

Kind regards

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