Further rainlily experiments

Lisa and Al Flaum osthill@htc.net
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 07:08:59 PDT
Dear Cathy, 

Thanks for the compliment.  I wish all the pots looked as good!

Further experiments in dunking rainlilies have not yielded any heavy bloomers.  The following
were soaked for about 30 hours, with water to the rim of the pot, or completely submerged.
None of them provided the burst of bloom I got from the hybrids.  Z. primulina continues
to bloom intermittently, as does the pot received as Z. robustus (Z. grandiflora?  definitely
a Zeph).  The rest pretty much ignored the whole think.  

However, in the interests of science Mother Nature has opted, at long last, to rain on
Waterloo, IL.  Though it isn't a great deal of rain (1 1/2 inches over about a week) it has
remained cool, overcast and damp.  We'll see if they can tell the difference.

Zephyranthes	candida		
Zephyranthes	citrina		
Zephyranthes	clintiae	dark pink form	
Zephyranthes	drummondi		
Zephyranthes	filifolia		
Zephyranthes	flavissima		
Zephyranthes	heustecana	Horsetail Falls	
Zephyranthes	insularum		
Zephyranthes	katherinae		
Zephyranthes	lindleyana		
Zephyranthes	longifolia		
Zephyranthes	longifolium		
Zephyranthes	macrosiphon		
Zephyranthes	mesochloa		
Zephyranthes	minima				
Zephyranthes	primulina		
Zephyranthes	pulchella		
Zephyranthes	refugiensis		
Zephyranthes	reginae		
Zephyranthes	robustus (probably Z. grandiflora)		
Zephyranthes	rosea		
Zephyranthes	tenexio		
Zephyranthes	verecunda rosea	

Corrections on nomenclature  and suggestions for further reading are really welcome.
My fantasy bookshelf contains a detailed book of Rainlily kin, shelved right next to
the one on the genus Allium.  


Lisa Flaum	
Waterloo, SW Illinois, USA
Min -10F Max 105F (-24C to 40C)
Wet winter, dry summer punctuated by gully washers,
high humidity, unreliable snow cover, clay soil

Cathy Craig wrote:
> Hi Lisa,
> Well I was rather speaking for myself - I can only track about one thing at
> a time :>) BTW, Lisa, those photos of your rainlilies are excellent. You
> should get an award for cultural excellence. The looked perfect!

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