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J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 06:25:14 PDT
Hi all,

Among my more "botanical" Nerine bulbs, recent acquisitions are showing 
some signs of blooming.  Nerine hesseoides is in bloom, with tiny flowers 
of pink.  A scape is coming up on Nerine gibsonii.  So far, no signs of 
blooms on Nerine krigei, laticoma, or filifolia.  By this time last year, 
Nerine filamentosa had been blooming for several weeks; this year, no sign 
of a scape so far.

Strumaria tenella orientalis has a scape up too.  This one is self fertile, 
and I have seedlings of it from last season's bloom.  It is another 
"botanical" for someone who loves tiny plants with tiny flowers.  It's 
blooms are white, and shaped similarly to those of N. hesseoides.  I'll try 
to get some digital pics and post to my web pages on Nerines at URL = 

I got some bulbs of a cold-hardy (in Holland) clone of Nerine bowdenii in 
spring and planted them out in early summer in a nursery row.  A few made a 
brief attempt to put up leaves, then disappeared below ground.  I suppose 
our very hot summer weather must have discouraged them.  I also planted 5 
of the same clone in pots, and they are doing fine with plenty of foliage.

Using a clone of N. bowdenii from Rob Potterton (Potterton & Martin, in the 
UK), I tried pollinating their flowers last winter with frozen pollen of N. 
filifolia and of N. krigei.  Not a single seed formed.  Has anyone any 
experience crossing other species onto N. bowdenii or vice versa?

Jim Shields
in central Indiana

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