Groundcover Questions

Cathy Craig
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 11:12:44 PDT
Hi all,

I've been systematically ripping junk off this slope for some years now.
We've gotten rid of most of the junk trees, junk shrubs, the 'jade plants'
(ahhhhhhh!), the ice plants, the asperagus fern (did you know nurseries are
still actually charging people to BUY this weed?) and tons of ivy.

What's left is dirt in some spots, pine needle mulch, and still lots of ivy.
I'd like to continue to get rid of the ivy and replace it with something
else. If you have suggestions, I'd be very grateful to discuss them. I need
something as a general cover otherwise the bare spots grow weeds of course.

To hear your experience with various groundcovers will be really helpful. I
have full sun areas, part shade areas, and total shade areas. There are some
narcissus bulbs, Amaryllis belladonna bulbs, standard sized Agapanthas, and
pine trees. I'd like to plants drifts of other kinds of bulbs to naturalize
so the new ground cover would seem to need to be loosely growing enough to
plant into it or to remove spots of it and plant the new plants and bulbs

Thanks everyone!

Cathy Craig San Clemente CA Zone 9b

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