Calydorea amabilis

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:43:41 PDT
 From Alberto and the Australian Bulbs forum,
Hi All:
            I have seen many pictures of Calydorea amabilis but this one is
the best! It is so clear that the organs can be perfectly seen. This species
was known as Catila amabilis in the past.
             It must be one of the easiest of South American bulbs to grow.
In the wild, it always grow in full to partial shade and in river banks
actually in water. This will sound odd to most of you as an aquatic bulb is
like an aquatic cactus. Under cultivation it adapts well to full sun, to
drier conditions and normal watering ; if you water well, it will enjoy it.
The soil in which it grows is slightly acid and with plenty of leafmould. It
flowers abundantly in Autumn AND in Spring. The obvious thing is to remove
faded flowers (it sets sees very easily) to make the season very long. This
plant is dormant in summer. As for rainfall it is distributed the year round
some 1,000 mm with only February (say midsummer) being the driest.
All the best

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