Groundcover Questions

Cathy Craig
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 21:16:40 PDT
Thanks to everyone so far on the ideas. I will research them all.

On our morning walk, Mom and I have noticed a completely neglected area
adjacent to someone's yard that is in full shade under Sycamore trees and
can't be getting any water (but a tiny bit of rain in winter - when we have
some). It is almost covered in little Iris plants. They must be a PC
species, they bloomed a few months ago dark blue-purple as I recall. Pretty
cute and they look nice all year and are evergreen. I had a gorgeous apricot
PC hybrid in Costa Mesa but had to leave it behind. Have never seen a PC
Iris in a nursery here (barring the solitary apricot hybrid) so if anyone
can offer sources I'd appreciate hearing about them.

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