years from seed to flower

Sun, 11 Aug 2002 23:25:47 PDT
Mary Sue,
haven't heard from Will for ages. His nursery now keeps him busy, although
he did post earlier this year I think on IBS.
I don't think I kept his info but I will try to dig mine out from the
archives, unless you have it somewhere in yours?
I will say though, that the only species I recall flowering in the first
year was the beautiful Ixia viridflora, from seed I got from the Bot. Soc.
of SA, the darkest green I have seen in flower.
Most of the others were two to three years minimum, others much longer.
The Glads for me are particularly tricky. I can get lovely foliage but there
seems to be a hold up on flowers.
Bill Richardson
0-15c. Cold, wet days of winter.
Ixia site:
Suite 101 site:

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