Naked ladies cavorting in my yard

Michael Mace
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 23:25:19 PDT
Sorry if I offended anyone, but you've got to title these things so people
will read them.

I was just wondering if any of the California readers (or others) are
growing Amaryllis belladonna.  I have a large number of bulbs in my back
yard, most from the late and very genorous Les Hannibal.  The first two have
just sent up their flower spikes.  Checking on my records, this is about a
week later than last year, but I don't get the same plants blooming every

Does anyone else have bloom reports?  In the past, the blooms have started
in southern California and worked their way north.  I see Sue H. had them in
bloom on 8/1, but haven't seen any other reports in the week I've been

San Jose, CA (zone 9, min temp 20F)

PS:  For the benefit of those who were not on the IBS list, let me introduce
myself.  I live beyond the south end of San Francisco bay, in a house that
has a big but steeply sloping back yard.  On part of that slope, I have about 700 8-inch plastic pots in which I mistreat a bunch of summer-dormant bulbs.
Oxalis, Lachenalia, Moraea, Calochortus, Romulea, Babiana, Geissorhiza,
Nerine, Gladiolus, and a lot of other stuff.  I'd like to get more Chilean
bulbs, but haven't found a good source.  In addition to struggling with
finding the best ways to grow these things, I fight an endless battle with
ground squirrels and other rodents who love to eat out of the pots.  Look
forward to conversing with all of you.

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