Groundcover Questions

Kathy Andersen
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:09:11 PDT
I have been into variegated plants, thinking that they were perhaps a little
less vigorous than their all-green counterpoints.  Let me tell you that the
pale color seems to add a never-stop-growing, invasive, seed-around quality.
Sue is right about the variegated vinca . . . it never seems to stop, not
even under drought conditions and covers everything.  A variegated
eupatorium is all over the garden.  I should have been suspicious of the
plant when I bought at Collectors Garden one September.  The plant was
heavily cut back, and I assumed that was to prune out any vagrant all-green
shoots.  It grows about 12 feet tall here.  Then there's the variegated
money plant which I absolutely cannot eradicate.  I'm glad I didn't try to
buy some of Barry Yinger's variegated poison ivy.

Listen to Jane, Cathy, she has he right ideas on what to plant.  I can only
tell you what to stay clear of, and would add wild strawberries to the list.

Kathy Andersen
Wilmington, Delaware

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