Tritoniopsis (formerly Anapalina) caffra

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:23:14 PDT
Dear Tom,

Please share with us how you grow this one and get it to flower 
successfully. I had a question about it on the IBS forum once since I had 
seen in blooming in the fall and then read it was a spring bloomer and was 
totally confused about how to grow it. Rachel Saunders was the only one who 
responded to my plea for help and she said it grew naturally in the 
southern Cape (South Africa) where it got year round water and she 
suspected it was opportunistic. The ones I grew from seed did not go 
dormant the first year I grew them, but when I let them go dormant the 
second year there was very little action afterwards. I think only one came 
back in the third year and then very weakly. There was something in an IBSA 
publication that explained they had learned to be very careful about not 
disturbing the roots or you would lose the plant which made me reluctant to 
dump it out and see exactly what was going on. Perhaps it is more like a 
dierama corm than a gladiolus corm. Unfortunately it wasn't clear exactly 
how to handle it.

If you have seed to share you must be doing something right. Thanks in advance.

Also could you tell us about the Albuca? What does it look like?

Mary Sue

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