DrR Hamilton
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 22:55:58 PDT
Hi Mary-Sue,

How difficult is it to grow from seed? I
> understand Colchicum can be a bit of a challenge to germinate without fresh
> seed. Is this true of Merendera too? Any tips for any of us who might see
> some in a seed exchange and decide to try?

I  have grown one Merendera and a number of Colchicum from seed
exchange seed, without any special treatment. I treat just about all
seed the same way (but not fleshy amaryllids) - put in the potting mix
I am using at the time, lightly cover with compost, then cover with
5-10mm of 3-5mm blue metal chips. I then water once then allow natural
rainfall to do the rest, keeping them in a semi- shaded situation to
prevent too much drying out.

I now must add that I havent had any germination of the 5
Colchicum species I sowed in autumn of 2000 and 2001 - but that
happens to me from time to time with most genera - whether from seed
exchanges or professional seed dealers.

Cheers  ,


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