FW: Naked ladies

Pat Colville Pat.Colville@jameshardie.com
Fri, 09 Aug 2002 13:45:03 PDT
So far there is only one stalk in bloom in this Pasadena garden.  That one
is in an area that was planted with daylilies this year and has been
getting more water than other years.  They usually appear later in August on
this somewhat shaded slope.  Most are out of range of sprinklers and mostly
neglected. Last year was a super good year for the Naked Ladies here.

Now blooming- hymenocallis and crinums.  The rainlilies were out last week
and now drying out, but since they are also in among daylilies they do not
get too dry.  Everything there has been getting soaked about once a month
and the rainlilies bloom several times a year. (No names- they came from a
package of seed received in joining IBS several years ago lableded only
"Rain Lilies" and from flea markets.  I am trying to grow more from seeds
with names.)

Pat Colville

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