Tulbaghia corninisii

TheAfricanGarden@aol.com TheAfricanGarden@aol.com
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 13:17:14 PDT
So.... for those of you who are interested, the species that fits the
description I sent would appear to be Tulbaghia leucantha.  They really ARE
orange and silvery grey flowers.  Unlike anything I have seen as a
Tulbaghia before.

It might be that the plant is Tulbaghia montana and not T. leucantha. T. montana is more common that was first thought and has been erronously named as T. leucantha in the trade.

If you order it, and to ID it as T. montana, look for two silvery white grooves on the underside of the leaves, it also has a somewhat grassy tufted habit.

Best Wishes,

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