Colchicum luteum

DrR Hamilton
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 22:53:47 PDT
Hi  John , Jane and all,

I though I might add my experiences with Colchicum luteum - I obtained
seed from Kohli & Co, Kashmir, India about 12 years ago and had
great germination (as well as some Roscoea and Iris species) - I was
so pleased with the results I ordered again but unfortunately the
second lot of seed never arrived.

I was a bit over generous with them initially swapping 10 corms with
a local bulb supplier for various bits and pieces , but ended up
with half a dozen corms which flower regularly and increase enough
to trade one or two every couple of years. It flowers in mid winter
for me as it does for Lyn and Paul in Canberra.

I have hand pollinated every year or two and obtained seed but
have only ever raised one corm from my own seed . I dont understand
why this is as other Colchicum species do so well from fresh seed.

By the way John - I was quite relieved to hear your Crocus corms
are not 5 inches accross !!



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