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<< As usual it was hard to sort through the different 
experiences and come up with a common theme for success. Warm, sunny, and 
dry in summer was one answer. >>

The old-fashioned type are common in gardens around here now, in full bloom, 
and by far the most floriferous clumps are where they are near to some 
landscaping that is being irrigated on an ongoing basis.  

The hybrids (I don't have the old-fashioned one) bloomed very poorly for me 
last year, as also happened once about 20 years ago.  Both times had record 
amounts of heat here for May, many, many days in the 90's, but I don't think 
it was so much the heat as the drying out, as I was not watering that late, 
and both such spring seasons were notably dry.  So I asked my customers at 
the numerous farmers markets I did last summer about this and the conclusion 
was unanimous:  those who weren't watering had a horrible season last year 
also, those who had put them in the garden with everything else had a very 
good, even exceptional, season.  One customer had some in both, and there was 
a stark difference in performance there too.    

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