Pacific BX 19

Tue, 10 Dec 2002 20:13:33 PST
Dear Mary Sue -

Thanks for the clarifications. It sounds as if your T. ixioides is probably
a garden hybrid between "var. scabra" and "var. ixioides". I put those terms
in quotes because the more Jim and I saw, the more we questioned whether it
was possible to "draw a line" between, or among, the various T. ixioides we
found. I would venture a guess that about half of what we saw could be
classified as "intergrades" between the supposed vars. The most common was
an intergrade between "var. anilina" and "var. scabra" found throughout
middle altitudes in much of the Sierras. Then, west of Red Bluff, we found a
form with flowers that appeared to be var. ixioides (rather far out of its
usual range ! ), but with scabrous stems (supposedly a pointer to var.
scabra). Flattish flowers usually does mean "var. scabra", but I am not sure
that tube measurement is a reliable differentiator. Petal shape is sometimes
helpful. But, it is a problem...

------------ Georgie

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