TOW Digital Photography

Ken K
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 16:43:44 PST
Mark Wilcox wrote:

> Something that John isn't directly saying is that the manual controls tend to
> be on the high-end digicams.  Lower-end units don't have them.  Most of the
> mid-range units don't either.  Mine has manual controls as well, and was
> manufactured in late 1999 or very early 2000.  So, the manual control option
> has been around for a while.  It's paying for it that's the problem.

My Casio has a manual focus, however looking at a LCD in the daytime
at a comfortable viewing distance tells me nothing. Through the lens
viewing and a ground glass for focusing (such as in older,
conventional 35 mm cameras) are optimal, to my eye.

One thing that does help is the ability of the Casio to 'lock' in a
focus and exposure. For close-up work, I can hold my hand to the side
of, and in the plane of the subject, then hold the shutter button down
halfway. Then I rotate the camera to the subject and shoot. The Casio
offers manual under and overexposure to something like 3 F-stops, in
addition to the usual bells & whistles such as backlight control, etc.

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