Pacific BX 19

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 09 Dec 2002 21:32:17 PST
Dear Georgie,

Those were my descriptions.

I don't think #8 seems to be T. ixioides scabra based on the key I came up 
with from all my books and talking with you and Diana. I have some 
exceptional T. ixioides ssp. scabra from seed the two of you collected that 
blooms for months and is a marvelous plant. The lobes on this one I 
collected seed from are more ascending and not as flat as I understood 
scabra to be, but the tube measurement is a little off for ixioides 
ixioides. It doesn't fit either exactly. It is bright yellow and very 
attractive and I'm happy just to leave it at T. ixioides and not quibble 
about a subspecies. I'll look and see if I can find a picture of either to 
scan in for the image lists.

When I talked to you before and described #9 which I was delighted with 
when it bloomed you thought it could be what you called 'Sierra Giant' and 
on my tag I call it that with a question mark. I just was reluctant to 
include that with a description since you hadn't seen it in person. It's a 
great form regardless.

Mary Sue 

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