What is blooming in So. CA ?

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 16:31:53 PST
Mary Sue, you are near to being a poet.  Your Email is well written!

Here in So CA, the Veltheimia capensis are nearly over the hill. The V.
capensis x bracteata are still in full bloom since they bloom in the period
between the capensis and the bracteata. Neither of them was as beautiful as
most years.  I think that can be attributed to the HOT weather that we had
in August and September.

The Veltheimia bracteata may be a little early this year. The flower spikes
are well under way.

The Lachenalia viridiflora are in full bloom. They have been knocked down a
little by the rain, but the flowers are many and beautiful!

The Scadoxus are all "resting" now.  But, the seedlings are growing at an
amazing rate!  The same applies to the Haemanthus seedlings (coccineus,
unifloiatus, carneus, and namaquensis).

More in about one month.

Doug Westfall     

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