flights to South Africa

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:27:56 PST
I want to go to the bulb conference in Cape Town next August, so I 
decided to start checking for a reasonably-priced flight, assuming 
that there would be bargains this far in advance.  There don't appear 
to be.  I've checked some airline websites and also 
which told me it was searching millions of possibilities.

 From the North American west coast, there are these routes:

Return fares,in order of price, cheapest first, U.S. dollars:

Vancouver to Toronto to Atlanta, then via South African to Cape Town

Seattle to Chicago to Atlanta to Cape Town

Vancouver to London to Cape Town
$2440  (From Seattle, $2485)

All the way on South African: Seattle to Atlanta to Cape Town

Vancouver to San Francisco, to Atlanta, to Cape Town

Seattle to London to Amsterdam to Cape Town

More expensive still is Lufthansa: Vancouver to Frankfurt to Cape Town

One good thing about going via London is that a stopover doesn't cost 
any extra.  I think a stopover would be a good idea, as it is a very 
long way to travel.  Generally, one leaves here the afternoon of day 
one and arrives midmorning of day three.  (I know there are time zone 
differences I haven't included.)

If anyone knows of any real bargains, could you let me know?

Diane Whitehead   Victoria B.C.

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