Iris lazica

Jane McGary
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 13:51:01 PST
Jim SHields asked,
>Jane, I'm interested in how hardy Iris lazica might be here.  Also would 
>like to know a source for plants or seeds.
>How about Iris suaveolens?  Is it cold hardy in this climate (USDA zone 5, 
>moist Midwest)?

There is seed of Iris lazica in the new NARGS seed list. (To join, go to
. The plants are sometimes available from Gossler Farm Nursery,
better known for its rhododendron mail-order business. Also, I could
probably send small divisions with my summer bulb sales, if there is interest.

Iris lazica is a "Pontic" plant so it is tolerant of winter rain and summer
irrigation, though also tolerant of dry summers. It is definitely hardy to
zero F, but I don't know of anyone growing it in a colder place.

Iris suaveolens, one of the dwarf bearded species, grows fairly well here
but would appreciate a warmer, drier winter. I know it has been grown
successfully in Missouri.

Jane McGary
Northwest Oregon

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