Ornithogalum Questions

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Wed, 04 Dec 2002 07:41:45 PST
I grow a mix of Mediterranean and South African species, with my main interest being in the smaller South African species.  There has been a wealth of small unidentified or unnames species available in the past year, many with interesting leaves, some wiry, some twisting, some doing both  most have very small (3/8 inch or so)leaves.  I've been collecting these as I can, and the genus will clearly need amplification soon.  They are all winter growers, and at least in Southern California are easy growers in pots, with some shade and protection from over watering in the summer.  All the flowers are white, some with faint green striping.

The questions:

Does anyone know of a reference that describes the South African Hyacinthaceae, particularly the breakdown between Ornithogalum and Albuca.  The line between these two genera does not seem very clear to me.  The same goes with Urginea, but to a lesser extent.  The best reference I know is "Ornithogalum: a revision of the southern African species" by A. A. Obermeyer in Bothalia V 12, #3.

Has anyone crossed Albuca with Ornithogalum, or Urginea with Ornithogalum? 

Do any of the colored Ornithogalums cross out to either Albuca or Urginea?

Has anyone tried crossing in any of the more distant relatives such as Lachenalia or Ledebouria?



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