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Fri, 20 Dec 2002 08:33:40 PST
Mary Sue et al
Thank you for your comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed my web site.
I garden in central southern England, on the edge of Southampton Water
but about 20 miles inland from the English Channel.  My garden is very
sheltered, and though we get hard frosts, they are not generally
sustained for too long.  My greenhouse has a fan which circulates air
all the year, and only cuts in with heat when the temperature stays
below zero.  The bulb frames have no heating, and after being open to
the first autumn rains, the roof glass is put in place and the sides
left open. The pots in the frames are sunk to the rims in sandy grit. I
grow all my Calochortus, Fritillaria, Narcissus, Tulipa, Bellevalia and
others in these conditions. The greenhouse, conservatory and part of the
carport contain the South African collection, mainly winter rainfall
The largest pots I use are 5 inch diameter "long tom" clays, 5 or 6
bulbs to a pot if I have enough. Feeding is sporadic during the growing
season. It depends how busy I am!
Seasons Greetings and Good Growing in 2003


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