Scilla natalensis

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 07:59:38 PST
Bill posted a reply to our questions on Bulb images so I am sending it to 
our list for those who may not be subscribed. He has posted images as he 
promised. I saw one of these planted at the gardens at the University of 
California Berkeley garden and it was huge. I've been wondering if it would 
be too wet in winter for me to plant it out and you make that sound like 
that would be true and now I wonder if it won't be warm enough in summer. I 
can't usually get Eucomis to bloom although it grows well enough. The only 
ones I planted out disappeared over time so I have kept them in containers. 
How do you get a bulb to bake during a winter dormancy? I guess I probably 
should try to divide mine and plant one out as it also sounds like it is 
too big for a container as Cathy suspected. There is a lot of competition 
for my sunniest, warmest spot and unfortunately it is not an area I water a 
lot in summer either so I may not be able to give this what it needs. 
Perhaps it is lucky only one survived. Bill, with all those extras you have 
perhaps you could develop a new business after John Bryan has listed all 
the uses of this bulb. But you'd have to keep them away from the sheep.

Mary Sue

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