Ornithagalum TOW

John Ingram jjingram@floralartistry.org
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 18:24:00 PST
I wish I could get mine to become a pest. My dubium well, one spike a year is about it. This is it's second (or is it third?) year. It really is in the sunniest part and also the driest. Placement was more by space availability than plant requirements. It came from Smith and Hawken as a closeout plant for $5.00 and I couldn't pass it up. I gues I should have. (I really need to control my spending impulses but oh well). The Sandersonii are one leaf if at all. They are from a past BX. I really love the flowers for cut flowers but I have never had them in my garden. Thrysoides has flowered for me and I always rip off the flowers and toss them as they are the biggest aphid magnet in the garden. I have never tried any other spp. but I would like to get the ones I have to do better. They are all in the open ground and I will be moving them all in the next few months into pots at the beach as I do not need my garden plot (especially since I never remember to water it since I have been home

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