Not much blooming as we approach Christmas

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 19:53:17 PST
Dear All,

Oops I forgot Oxalis glabra until Liz mentioned it and it is so cute with 
its bright pink flowers. Thank you Uli who sent it to the BX years ago. And 
I have a white Oxalis that has a label "unknown Oxalis from BX" that blooms 
and blooms and seems to do better in part shade.

Schizostylis would surely be a rhizome wouldn't it and that would count. It 
however has been put in Hesperantha now even though most other Hesperanthas 
have corms so since there was only was species the whole genus is gone. I 
was sad to hear it because I always liked trying to pronounce it and now 
that we know we can pronounce it however we want as long as everyone can 
tell what it is I could do it without worrying how far off I was. I suppose 
since most people know it under its old name that is one to cross 
reference. Interesting to hear that it is blooming in Canada.

Mary Sue

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