Eustephia jujuyensis etc.

gerrit oskam
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 03:44:38 PST
Dell, Den and all,

Eustephia jujuyensis appeared on a list of Van Tubergen somewhere in the eighties of the last century. I cannot throw a light on the validity of the name. It flowers regularly with me after a cold dry winter rest at temperatures between 5 - 10 degrees Celsius. The same applies to Eustephia darwinii which I acquired from the IBS bulb sale in 1996. This bulb can be seen every year flowering in April in the alpine house at Kew (together with a marvellous clump of Paeonia clusii... mmm) A cold storage might also be needed to get the two Chlidanthus species in flower which I acquired from the IBS bulb sale in 1996. However I haven't seen any flower on them after cold storage so far. Eucrosia is a more tropical bulb which grows and flowers easily with me. It needs a relative short dry (winter) rest at temperatures between 12 - 15 degrees Celsius. The bulbs are more susceptible to shrivelling and drying out than Eustephia when kept dry for a long period.

Best wishes,

Gerrit Oskam, Netherlands, zone 7-8

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