2 books - Clivias and Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs

Jennifer Hildebrand theotherjen8@yahoo.com
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 07:51:41 PST
Hi everyone,
I'm helping Cathy Craig put together the group order for anyone interested in obtaining either

The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs by John Manning, Peter Goldblatt, and Dee Snijman or Clivias by Harold Koopowitz.

Several of you have already sent Cathy your order, but this is a last chance for anyone who hasn't yet placed an order.
The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs 
Synopsis: The Cape Region, at the southern tip of Africa, is easily among the richest centers for bulbous plants and probably the most famous. Nearly 1200 species of bulbous plants find their home there and almost three-quarters ofthemoccur nowhere else. This first complete account of all the bulbous plants of the Cape Floral Region is an essential aid to the identification of all species presently in cultivation as well as the many others that are potentially valuable horticultural subjects. The book is richly illustrated with high-quality color photographs of more than half the species of Cape bulbs, many of which have never before been illustrated. 0-88192-547-0, 486 pp, 611 color photos, 2 color maps, 2 tables, 8 1/2 x 11", hardcover
In the words of one of our leading experts on cape bulbs: "Everyone whogrows Cape Bulbs seriously will want to have it. "We are offering it to anyone interested at 15% OFF with any profit realized going to the Pacific Bulb Society for member benefits. This will help to pay for our SPRING MEETING, SLIDE PRESENTATION, AND GARDEN TOUR in Seattlethis coming May of 2003 (to which anyone interested is also invited). Cost with discount, plus shipping, packing materials, tax is $60. Books will all be shipped to you by media mail. You may request Priority Mail shipping at extra cost if you like.

Synopsis: "Clivias" 384 pages, 118 color photos, 2 keys: Clivias are classed amongthe most desirable of all connoisseur plants, offering not only spectacular flowers but also interesting variations in both leaf variegation and plant form. Despite their reputation as specialist plants, however, clivias are surprisingly easy to grow and tolerant of abuse. Koopowitz has written a delightful book, the first to detail the members of the genus Clivia.

 Beginning with the story of their discovery, he moves on to issues of cultivation, hybridization, and propagation. The bulk of the book is a profusely illustrated examination of the diversity of clivia variation, from the familiar orange and red flowers to the famous yellow forms and the pastel forms that are creating so much excitement today.
Cost is $34.95, any profits realized to go to PBS for our member benefits. I anticipate shipping to be not more than $6 to the furthest US zone (back east) by Priority Mail.
Anyone who wants to take advantage of this group order should email me ASAP

PRIVATELY (theotherjen8@yahoo.com) so that Cathy can get the order in and get the books to you in time for them to make wonderful Christmas gifts!

Happy holidays,

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