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John Lonsdale
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 05:18:36 PST

Fully 'manual' DCs have been out there for quite some time.  Both the Nikon
Coolpix 950 and 995 have fully manual modes - they are as controllable as a
regular SLR, with automatic, exposure controlled, shutter speed controlled
and one other mode.   To control depth of field, especially for extreme
close-ups,  I set my 995 to work at anything between f6 and f11 - ensures
good  DOF.  At f11 it becomes quite important to work in very bright light,
or use flash.  The user selectable features are numerous, and include,
matrix, center, center-weighted or auto-focus point exposure metering -
again, helps with achieving close focus and correct exposure.  The 995
allows you to use fully automatic auto-focus or any user-selectable value
from a ridiculously high number that is effectively zero to infinity for the
lens you are using.  Any upcoming technology will likely address increasing
resolution or storage technology - there is little if anything left to do to
make a good DC more like a manual SLR.

Artifacts are distortions or defects in the image that can be introduced
from a variety of sources.  They are not just restricted to DCs - they can
come from the lenses themselves.  DC specific ones include artifacts
introduced by over-compression.

Ken - many thanks for your comments and links.


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