Douglas Westfall
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 15:35:37 PST
Veltheimia are beginning to show up with some of the variety that they had
in the Victorian era.

I have several different varieties:
        V. bracteata in 4 shades of pink
        V. bracteata x V. capensis (one has broad leaves of bracteata
           w/silver/gray dusting and another has a yellos "wash"
           over the leaves)
        V. bracteata rosealba
        V. bracteata with the reverse color pattern of rosealba
        V. capensis lt. pink (another)lt. red
       Also one that will bloom this season that is cream/white. It was sold to me as capensis, but the leaves appear to be bracteata. Another month will tell the tale.
Doug Westfall

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