Gelasine azureus, Phalocallis coelestis, Gelasine uruguayensis

Bill Dijk
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:09:15 PST
Hi All,

Still a few more S.American species,that are flowering at the moment. Gelasine azureus: another attractive species for the collector. Flowers are of an deep and intense blue, several per spathe, somewhat fugitive, although a large number are produced over a long perod. They can easily be grown from seed, which is produced plentiful from large seedpots. Prefer a sunny spot, but need some protecting in colder climates. Phalocallis coelestis: (syn.Cypella plumbea) One of the tallest species, sometimes reaching 1.2 meters in height. It flower prolifically in summer, prodicing greyish blue blooms with bluish cream markings and yellow spots. Robust and very easy to grow. Not reliably hardy, except in warmer areas, and
planted in sheltered positions. The flowers are brightly coloured but don't last long, produced over several weeks. Gelasine uruguayensis: very rare according to Jim Forrest who aquired this species from Alberto Castillo in 1986. (Dec.1986 to be precise, according to Jim's records) Not unlike Sphenostigma mexicanum but zygomorphic: (being capable of being divided into two equal halves in one plane)

Is that the correct botanical name, and can you give us some more info on this species Alberto? Jim is still in the process of learning all about the old internet, one of these days he'll surprise us.

BTW: sorry about the pinkish-blue in Gelasine azureus, should be blue, will do better next time. Will post the usual customary pictures at the PBS, IBS, and AB images group. Enjoy.

Best wishes and a prosperous 2003 to all bulbophiles.

Bill D.

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