Jennifer Hildebrand
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 13:51:04 PST
I'd like to add my praise to the growing discussion of Veltheimia.I'm still new to gardening with bulbs, but my Veltheimia is the pride of my garden.I got it in June 2001 from Jim Duggan.It flowered last winter,and that flower lasted a long time.I let it produce seed - it produced a single seed.Not expecting much, I went ahead and put the seed about a half inch down in the soil next to the mother bulb.

The bulb went through a very short - less than a month - dormancy, and the leaves are now as vibrant and glossy as ever.The bulb has reproduced itself.  I now have two distinct noses, and each is getting ready to send up a new scape.In addition, I have a little two-leaf baby growing, evidently from the seed that I buried and forgot some time ago.

I have the plant in a mix suggested by Jim - 40% potting soil, 40% sand, and 20% pumice.
The sand is not good - it's the stuff I was using before I figured out that fine sand hurt rather than helped the growing process.I fertilize occasionally with a plain fertilizer available at the grocery store.

I most heartily recommend V. bracteata to all novices who are eager to grow something uniquely beautiful in their gardens!

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