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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 08:20:39 PST
Dear All,

First off I want to give a really big thank you for the excellent 
information provided on digital photography for flowers. John Lonsdale 
started us off with a super introduction and continued to be an excellent 
moderator. Thanks too for all the rest who contributed their experiences 
and knowledge. I am sure there are a lot of us like me who didn't 
understand all of it, but will save it and study it and when the time comes 
if we take the plunge we will have resources to help us. Just because I am 
introducing a new topic, still feel free to continue if there still are 
questions and issues to be covered.

The topic of this week (and perhaps next too if people want to slow down 
for the holidays) is favorite URLs. Please share with the group some of the 
resources you have found that you really like and go back to. I thought 
about splitting this up over the weeks, but then thought people will be in 
and out and may not appreciate a whole lot of short messages so am doing a 
longer one.

Where do you go to look at images of bulbs? Some of the web sites of our 
list members come to mind but there are others surely. Those of you who 
have web sites might want to tell us about your sites if you haven't 
already. Had John Lonsdale not told us about his we never would have found 
it. And hopefully thanks to Diane many found Audrey Cain's.

Where do you check out names to see if you have spelled them correctly?

When you get some of those seed lists and something is listed you can't 
find in any of your books, where do you look?

Are there special places for different genera that provide good information 
about them?

Those of you who belong to other lists that have public archives tell us 
where to find them: (arisaema, trillium, alpine, aroid, etc.)

Is there a place to convert from metric to English and back? I know there 
is a site for currency conversion and language translation (such as it is).

We already were given that wonderful climate site that was very useful so 
generic sites that gardeners would use would be good, not just bulb specific.

Robin Attrill gave me a site where I could get the latest revision on South 
African Romulea. Are there other sites like that for other revisions?

Those are just a few ideas that come to mind. I am sure that the rest of 
you will be able to come up with many more.

Please everyone share as you have the time. Thanks to all of you who have 
contributed to this list. I've only been the administrator since early July 
and feel very grateful for all the friendly helpful people we have in our 
group. Best wishes to all for the holidays and the new year.

Mary Sue

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