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John Bryan johnbryan@worldnet.att.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 10:53:53 PST
Dear All;

A great subject Favorite Books. I have found the South African Wild
Flower Guides, published by the Botanical Society of South Africa to be
a superb series, there are now 11 of them, well worth having and well
illustrated. They are available at a modest price still, and those
interested in such should look into obtaining them. Books by E.A. Bowles
are well worth having, his comments are super, I also like A Botanist in
Southern Africa, by John Hutchinson. Among older books I enjoy are
Cyclopaedia of Botany, 2 volumes published in 1825, the hand colored
illustrations are great, I have two sets of this, while the
illustrations are the same they are not in the same order, kind of fun
to have. The Universal Gardener and Botanist, General Dictionary of
Gardening and Botany published in 1778, is a remarkable book with most
interesting comments, and much can be learned from the advice given so
many years ago. I have been collecting books now and botanical prints
for many years, a fun hobby, it has given me lots of pleasure. 

John E. Bryan

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