TOW Digital Photography and image management

Ernie O'Byrne
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:44:25 PST
Sorry all,

But before we leave the subject of digital photography, I did want to
recommend, since the subject had been broached, an excellent 'asset'
management program. An asset is any digital file and can be a sound, a
picture, a wav file, etc.--many, many different formats. The name of the
program is Cumulus and is produced by Canto, found on the web at You can even try a demo copy before buying at

 (I have no financial interest in this company, by the way) What this
program does is provide a way to sort and group images in any way that you
want without having to make multiple copies of the image, i.e. without
duplicating the file. The file is stored in a particular location, usually
on your hard drive in numerical order (a number is usually automatically
assigned by the digital camera). Then, in Cumulus you can group the images
in any way that you want, for example, by type of image, plant, animal,
people, landscape, trip, or whatever. These general groups can also have
subgroups arranged in any way that you choose, family, genus and species, or
shade, sun, rock garden, color, close-up or distant shot, or whatever. The
same image can be placed in any number of locations, but they all reference
back to the same one image in one location. All of the information about the
image is automatically reference in the program, e.g. the size of the file,
the date shot, etc. and there is a notes field for additional information,
plus you can even enter fields of your own choosing, if you like.

You can save slide shows, for example (or should I say "image presentations"
in case people go completely digital) and you will always know what slides
that program consists of and be able to reconstruct it easily.

It is a really powerful and fun program and I have not really scratched the
surface. It is also very reasonable in cost. I believe that I paid $40 for
it for an on-line download. I am not sure what they are charging now, but
I'm sure it is still a good buy. Try it, you'll like it!

P.S. If any of this is not clear, I will be happy to try to elucidate.

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