New bulb papers in BOTHALIA

J.E. Shields
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 15:13:45 PST
Hi all,

The October 2002 issue of BOTHALIA (vol. 32, no. 2) just arrived 
here.  There are three articles of interest to bulbophiles.

The lead paper is a revision of the genus Daubenya by John Manning and A.M. 
van der Merwe.  There is a color photo and a black and white line drawing 
of each of the eight species now assigned on the basis of DNA analysis to 
this genus:  DD. comata, namaquensis, marginata, zeyheri, alba, capensis, 
stylosa, and aurea.  All are winter-growing plants from the western edge of 
the central plateau of southern Africa.  There is also a brief but 
enlightening discussion of the higher taxonomy of the Hyacinthaceae fo the 
world.  J.C. Manning and A.M. van der Merwe, "Systematics of the genus 
_Daubenya_ (Hyacinthaceae: Massonieae)."  BOTHALIA 32:2, pp. 133-150 
(October 2002).

A new species of Lachenalia is described in this issue:  L. valeriae from 
Namaqualand.  Its closest relatives are listed as LL. framesii and 
carnosa.  It is found in the Succulent Karoo biome in northwestern 
Namaqualand.  G.D. Duncan and T.J. 
Edwards,   "Hyacinthaceae--Massonieae.  A new species of _Lachenalia_ from 
Namaqualand, South Africa." BOTHALIA 32:2, pp. 190-192 (October 2002).

Finally, the species Cyrtanthus smithae is clarified and a Lectotype (in 
this case, a watercolored drawing from 1837) is defined.  J.P. Rourke, 
"Amaryllidaceae.  The typification of  _Cyrtanthus smithiae_  Watt ex 
Harv." BOTHALIA 32:2, pp. 197-199 (October 2002).

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