Pacific BX 18

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 07:59:02 PST
Dear All,

I think the Romulea seed from Charles Hardman gives everyone the 
opportunity to practice how to key out plants. With the excellent online 
article I referenced recently anyone who orders it can have a resource to 
help. I bought some Romulea corms from Charles at the IBS auction and the 
corms were not always the correct shape for the species on the tag. So I 
have made notes for what the corm looks like and now await their bloom and 
will try to figure out what they really are. Many Romuleas are wonderful so 
I wouldn't be put off on getting the seed. I call mine Romulea sp. (id. as 
Romulea atrandra from Hardman) and then I start looking at the description 
of that one first and if it doesn't fit start at the beginning.

There are a lot of yellow Romuleas so those will give a lot of interesting 

Mary Sue

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