Pacific BX 19

Mon, 09 Dec 2002 20:29:45 PST
Dear Dell (and all) -----
Some comments on the two items from PBX 19 associated with Jim Robinett.

# 8 -Jim grew many more T. ixioides scabra than either of the other two
forms (vars.?) - so that is the most likely candidate.

#9 - Your description of the T. laxa is most like the form that we called
"Sierra Giant," with large light lavender and shiny flowers, forming an
umbel as large as 10 or 12 inches when mature. It is indeed an early
bloomer, 3-4 weeks ahead of any other T. laxa we grew, and indeed forms
fewer offsets than some other forms, concentrating its energy on getting
bigger, as you say.

All Jim's bulbs were open pollinated (unless specifically protected), so
chance hybridization is indeed a risk, in both cases.

Georgie Robinett

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