TOW - Digital Photography of Plants and subsequent manipulation of images for printing, the web etc.

Mark Wilcox
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:42:49 PST
Well, OK, John...

I just wanted to point out that buying Photoshop isn't necessary to be able to
do satisfactory editing of digital pictures.  Is the learning curve really as
steep as people say with regard to that software?

Most cameras include editing software as part of the package.  However, they
may offer a bit less in the way of features and versatility than some users
would like to have.

I'm very happy with Paint Shop Pro for the IBM, which sells for under $100 in
the USA.  The program actually does more than I need it to do.  Every picture I
post to any images list was edited with it.

	Mark Wilcox
	Washington, DC

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