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John Lonsdale
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 07:00:21 PST
Hi Bill,

Many thanks for the thorough, clear and very helpful description of your
digital photography 'process'.  One thing that shines through is your
enthusiasm for all things digital - in addition to all the other positives
going for it, it is FUN !

It isn't just the way of the future, it has arrived.  At first sight the big
picture (no pun intended) might appear a little intimidating but the best
way to get your feet wet is to have a go.  Some of the things we've
discussed are best carried out with high-end cameras and more complex and
expensive software and hardware, but they can wait !  Especially if you want
to present your photos on the web, you don't have to spend a whole lot of
money on either a camera, printer or software.  Once you've tried it out
there's no going back, and there's lots of help available if you get stuck
or want to push the envelope a bit further.

Bill asked about accurate color rendition, especially when printing.  These
few words open another whole can of worms - namely the subject of color
management.  The mention of color management is enough to strike terror into
anyone's heart but, again, there's a minimum you need to do and then some
you can go further with.  At a minimum you need to set up your monitor
correctly and ideally determine/set the correct color profiles for your
camera, printer and scanner.  There is software available to help you do
this.  If your mother-in-law's hair really is not as green as it comes out
on your prints then you'll have to do some of this.  In many cases you can
get away with less tweaking.  I work in Photoshop in sRGB 'color space' and
use this embedded profile to print with.  Color printers come with many
color profiles you can associate with them - I actually turned off color
management on my Epson printers and just print with the embedded Photoshop
profile.  I am very happy with color rendition, including the blues, but
have not had some of the issues that friends have had.  My solution would
surely be frowned upon by professionals and I'm sure is 'wrong' but....
In Bill's case I suspect that some work on changing the output color profile
for the printer will fix the issue and the 'blues' will go away.  Monaco
EZColor is one program that is designed to set color profiles.

I found a site yesterday selling the Coolpix 5700 for not much more than the
995.  There is also an 11 megapixel Canon out there ............just think
of the damage you could do with that !   Christmas is also a wonderful time
to buy memory, ECost has some incredible deals on Flash Cards, SD cards,
memory sticks, readers etc, with dirt cheap shipping.  Trade in the
monographed handkerchiefs, socket sets, ties, slippers, saucepans and bath
salts for a little something digital !


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