Leucocoryne species & hybrid seedlings

Bill Dijk daffodil@wave.co.nz
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 01:37:10 PST
Subject: Leucocoryne species & hybrid seedlings

Hi Sheila, Mary (and others)

Thought I just show you a few of some of the pics.of the Leucocoryne's species and hybrid seedlings that flowered for me this season. Don't forget that the species can vary greatly, especially L. purpurea which I have in several different colour forms, as well as L.coquimbensis and L.ixioides, as you will see from the pictures I will post. Enjoy. 
Go and have a look at :


BTW: the little boo-boo (little cluster with offsets) looks suspicious like Muscari neglectum (grape hyacinths). They are extremely  vigorous, too invasive for garden use in many places. 
Best wishes,

Bill D.

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