Ken K ellipsis@concentric.net
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 18:14:49 PDT
> I don't have any information about it, I was just going by
> the plant tag.  Now I think there may have been an
> accession number on the tag but I didn't check it out.


I bought a bulb labeled Haemanthus cinnabarinus at the U.C. Berkeley
Fall or Holiday plant sale last year. Accession number 90.1638. The
IBS Bulb Gallery shows a picture of Scadoxus cinnabarinus, which looks
to be the same plant. One look at the one I bought told me that it is
a lot more closely related to the group of plants currently placed in
Scadoxus than it is Haemanthus.

A Google.com search for Scadoxus cinnabarinus should turn up a few
pictures elsewhere.

Hope this helps.


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