Decomposed Granite

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 03:25:03 PDT
Dear Lee,

We purchased some of this after Diana Chapman was so enthusiastic about it. Bulbs love it I think she said. For one thing it is heavy, probably just as heavy as sand. Finding many bulbs I grow like deep pots, I was hoping for something lighter so I could lift the pots and not need to ask for help. My husband, the family shopper, brought back some from a trip to Santa Rosa. There were choices as Tom points out and he bought one that had a lot of fines not really knowing how to pick since he is not the gardener. This was probably not a good idea if you are wanting air in your mix. My experience with using it was that sometimes when I dumped out a pot that contained it in the mix there seemed to be something growing in the mix that was not growing in other mixes. I couldn't see any improvement from other mixes and was worried about what that white growth could be. So I wouldn't buy it again. Maybe without the fines it would have been better. Diana didn't purchase what she used I don't think, but at one time had a source in the wild.

I have a memory from the IBS forum that someone promoted something better than turface or profile, but haven't been able to find it when I have looked through what I have saved. Once I was able to get a local hardware store to order profile for me, but they said the warehouse was not going to stock it anymore. The places on the web site that are supposed to carry it here, don't, although they carry other Schultz products. But thanks for the suggestions of other places to look.

So we have two votes (Diana's from the past and Doug's from the present) for decomposed granite and one vote (mine) against. I partly used it because I thought it would add minerals you wouldn't find in sand. Anyone else add it to their mix? Tom, have you used it?

Mary Sue

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