Ant contol

Cathy Craig
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 07:02:21 PDT
John is on the leading edge of ant control and is currently using a product
called Terro. The active ingredient is borax and it plainly says don't use
it near children or pets. He says it is quite effective (against ants). One
of the problems with ants is that there are so many and as with most insects
it is an ongoing war. (I once saw a nature program that said if it were not
for constant human intervention - including that by governmental agencies,
commercial farmers, etc. that if we let up, insects would take over the
entire world in a matter of a couple of weeks!) You just cannot eliminate
them then rest. You must keep after them all the time. The goal seems to be
to reduce their numbers and then keep them down to a manageable level
through constant vigilance.

> Are there any chemicals, home remedies, natural enemies that I can use to
> control ants?

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