Dormancy problems in Ornithogalum dubium

Paul Tyerman
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 21:28:04 PDT
>Plants the seeds into pure sand in 8 inch pots. I use white bricklayers sand
>for this bulb, it's less fatty than the red. Leave the pots in full sun,
>full frost, full winter rain and do not water during the summer (although,
>they do receive rain periodically). These flower each year, produce seeds
>and then go dormant until next season. I have not had any problems with
>cultivation of this little treasure using this method.

Thanks Dash and others who have responded.

I have had absolutely no problems with the yellow form that I got from Dirk
Wallace (I have been SO happy with that plant, which has really shown up
the darn orange ones <grin>).  I have seed sown of O. dubium from
Silverhill as well, but no signs of germination yet, plus there are the
three seedligns that appeared near the yellow mother plant.  The seedlings
don't seem to ber a problem, it is just these orange ones that refuse to
leave dormancy.

I must admit I have not dried these off particularly over summer.  For that
matter the yellow has been watered permanently and has been evergreen for
the last two years.  Would giving these orange ones a total dry for a
couple of weeks in the garage possibly shock them into finally breaking
dormancy do you think?  I think once they are growing they should do the
same as the yellow (or at least I am hoping that will be the case).  I
would hope that once they have broken dormancy that they will behave
normally.  It is just trying to get them to grow that is the finicky bit.

Given I have 5 bulbs that are doing this, I might experiment with different
things for each bulb.  Any suggestions for what I should try are welcome.
Dash, do you think that drying them in the garage for a couple of weeks now
would help or hinder?

Thanks in anticipation peoples.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia. USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

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