Joyce's bulbs for Davis

Joyce Miller
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 09:54:14 PDT
Dear Mary Sue and All,
>You wrote:  Some of those things you have chosen I thought were a bit of a 
>challenge to grow and flower and some of the ones I find really easy and 
>pleasing are not on your list.

Some of my choices were "book choices" i.e. selection by description with 
no growing experience to mediate my choices.  Lachenalia, Ferraria, 
Haemanthus and Cyrtanthus were excluded because I had already donated a 
number of such species to Davis.  The high Boron content in Davis soil will 
not be a problem since they make their own soilless mix.  However, the 
water is a problem.  Speaking of Lachenalia, I found a L. viridiflora 
volunteer in my garden.  Heaven only knows how the seed got there because I 
till this spring I have always had my Lachenalia under cover.

>Hesperantha vaginata is so stunning

I will be sharing H. vaginata seed from my personal stash. I am biased 
against Watsonia, but I revealed that to Ernesto so that he can over ride 
my choices.
         I was honored to be asked for my opinion and assistance.  However, 
my ego will not be damaged if he doesn't use my choices.  As a result of 
all that work, I have some new packets to sow.
         Fondly, Joyce

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