Interesting increase of S.A. bulbs

Marguerite English
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 23:49:43 PDT
      I have been repotting Romuleas, Nothoscordums, Babianas and 
Laperiousas early because I thought I may have lost quite a few when the 
Big Wind destroyed my greenhouse in January.  Almost all the pots had 
budding flowers or new green shoots scoured out of the tops, and some were 
even thrown on the floor, either being dumped from the posts or having 
broken pots with a resulting big mess.   I wanted to be sure what was 
there, so I could re-order some favorites if they hadn't survived.
      Turns out that while many of them had poor or almost no growth this 
spring and died back early if they were up at all, they have increased more 
than the usual pattern here.   I guess the attempted murder by the Big Wind 
caused them to propagate like crazy!  (My neighbor's wind device was blown 
off her roof with a reading of 96 mph, and that was early in the day!)
    I'll be checking the Ixias and Lachenalias with interest this weekend 
to see if the same thing is true with them.   There are a few unknowns 
where the big wind  mixed up labels , but otherwise the bulbs have done 
fairly well.  Looks as if I'll finally be able to share some of the special 
ones next year.  (When you start with only 1 or 3 of a species, it takes a 
while to get enough to share!)


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