Lisa and Al Flaum
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 12:25:00 PDT
Dear Dell,

Seneca Hill Perennials lists a couple of hardy Moraea.  Ellen Hornig grows plants
from Silverhill seed.  From her spring catalog:

  Moraea alticola (B)        7.00
  Z6       H: to 1m/3ft       Sun; wet soil
This tall iris-like species with large pale yellow flowers grows in or close to water at altitudes above 2200m/7100ft, and should be reasonably hardy here (we'll be testing that proposition this coming winter). It grows at higher altitudes than the similar M. huttonii, which is hardy in Denver.

  Moraea huttonii (B)        5.50
  Z6?       H: to 1m/3ft       Sun; wet soil
Another denizen of the Drakensberg, with sweetly scented yellow flowers, deep yellow nectar guides and a dark brown to purple splotch on the style crest. Widely distributed in the Drakensberg, in or close to water.

I got both of these this spring, but haven't yet worked up the guts to plant them.

For those who might be interested,  Ellen also sells fresh Cyclamen seed.  Her list just
went up.


Dell Sherk wrote
> guess since they are winter growers it wouldn't work, but I wonder if they
> could have their seasons switched to bloom in spring/summer here is USDA
> zone 6. Any thoughts?

Lisa Flaum	
Waterloo, SW Illinois, USA
Min -10F Max 105F (-24C to 40C)
Wet winter, dry summer punctuated by gully washers,
high humidity, unreliable snow cover, clay soil

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