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Pacific Rim Native Plants paige@hillkeep.ca
Sat, 06 Jul 2002 18:53:02 PDT
Hello, Rob. We grow Fritillaria pudica from seed.

I sow in fall in a very porous medium -- grit and more grit --
laced with calcium. We do not disturb the seedlings for a couple
of years at least. They take three or more years to reach
blooming size.

In nature, these Frits are stimulated by spring runoff, sometimes
even rising through melting snow. But they grow where rainfall is
low, so they prefer a neutral to alkaline pH, and they don't want
much moisture in summer. This is not the same as no moisture in
summer. Before I learned, I would let them dry out completely.
Only the most robust made it till fall. Now I water once or twice
a month. Don't make a rule, test the medium with your finger.
Like many bulbs, young Frits.  tend to migrate to the bottom of
the pot or frame, and there the medium should be kept coolly damp
but not wet. I feed the pots with dilute 20 20 20 + minors
several times a season while they are in growth, sometimes
adjusting nutrients individually by the color of the leaves.
After May, when temperatures here can quickly rise,  I keep them
under shade cloth if I can, but when I can't, most of them
survive. In nature the grasses that help to shelter them are
often gone by then. When I repot them for sale in late summer or
early spring, I put some commercial bulb food into the potting

No doubt there is more to be said.

Paige Woodward

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